Why Illuminated Signs Are Still Effective Despite The Rise Of Social Media Marketing

With the rise of the internet, social media marketing has become increasingly popular – with an overwhelming amount of businesses looking to online social platforms to advertise and market their products or services. However, even though social media seems like the best way to target potential audiences, the role of traditional marketing can still be highly effective. The use of signage – especially illuminated signs can be utilised as a more organic method of attracting customers and generating more sales for your business. As illuminated signs are bright, attention-grabbing, and highly customisable, they’re a great addition to any marketing strategy. Light up your business through The Sign Broker’s collection of professional LED illuminated signs in Brisbane.

Why Are Traditional Illuminated Signs Still Important?

Digital signage and marketing can be instantly updated and can provide real-time responsive content. However, this in no way means we should underestimate the importance of traditional, illuminated signage and the benefits that can be gained from such marketing methods. There are even psychological studies of how and why good signage will work for your business.

The power to reach a diverse audience

With online and social media marketing, we’re often targeting a particular group of people that we feel will benefit from our services and products. This leaves out a whole group of potential customers who we may not necessarily be thinking about. With traditional forms of advertising such as using illuminated signs, you can gain additional customers just by having a sign for them to look at.

Illuminated signs are LED lit and work 24/7 – meaning they’re constantly marketing your business without needing any direct effort from you. Whether it’s an illuminated door sign, an open sign for shops or an illuminated sign box, your marketing is being elevated when you use both traditional and digital forms of advertising.

Continuous, non-stop marketing solution
With a sign that represents your business 24/7, it can help keep your brand alive even when the store itself is closed. Thus, according to a study conducted by Charles R. Taylor, an illuminated sign can have a psychological impact on potential customers. For example, even though the business may be closed and the customer may not need your product at that given time, the illuminated sign that they’ve seen can create top-of-mind awareness which will allow them to remember the location of your sign and your store so that they’ll be able to purchase your product when they subsequently need it. Signage is important to crafting a store image because it not only attracts attention, it also can communicate the store’s image and atmosphere and there’s no better way to do this than to ensure this sign is lit up for everyone to see, at any time.

Expanding small businesses

When starting a new business, all forms of marketing are extremely important. Therefore, the use of illuminated signs can be integral to a businesses’ bottom line. For small businesses, online and social media marketing through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are impressive tools that can be utilised to generate brand exposure. However, Charles R. Taylor discusses how the impact and results for small businesses that utilise illuminated signage are striking as businesses that were less than five years old reported an average loss in sales of 26.6% when they did not have any illuminated signs in their storefronts. Therefore, if you’re wanting to expand your business and see noticeable growth in sales – illuminated signage in addition to online marketing may be an appropriate option.

Are You Interested In Illuminated Signs For Your Business?

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