Consistency and Quality
The Sign Broker is able to deliver signage solutions that satisfy customers completely by faithfully following a proven production process, ensuring consistency and quality in the final product for customers, regardless of the scale or scope of the work undertaken.
Design Price Optimisation Engineering Council Approvals Risk Management Manufacture Logistics Installation
The Sign broker is a company that specialises in taking the stress out of the signage process for you. The Sign broker is a conduit between companies and corporations throughout the whole signage process. At The Sign broker we have 50-years-experience in the sign industry and as such have a wealth of knowledge and understanding about types of signs, products and signage requirements.

It is our extensive experience will give you piece of mind. This experience also allows us to provide up to date and practical advice on sign product capability, product longevity and product reliability. By using our extensive knowledge of the sign industry to your advantage, you will ensure that your organisation has the best signage outcome possible. This service is free!

How does the Sign broker process work?

  • You contact us via phone, or email and let us know your job requirements.
  • We will meet with you to obtain a full brief of your needs.
  • We go to the sign industry market to obtain the best fit for your requirements. This includescompetitive price; high quality materials; high level of technical workmanship; credible company and appropriate guarantees.
  • We obtain all the quotations, and associated specifications and then forward them to (you) the customer in a detailed concept brief
  • We then discuss The Signbroker brief with you, including the provision of a more accurate understanding of any technical aspects.
  • We then appoint the selected company to carry out this work.
  • We provide inspections throughout the development, manufacture, and installation phases of the project.
  • We obtain any government permits, and ensure that government requirements are adhered to.
  • We are the liaison person between you and the sign company. This allows you to get on with your business and ensures that your time is used in the most effective way possible. Allow us to do the leg work, so you can continue to look after your business and customers.
The Sign Broker
This gives your company a hassle-free complete signage experience. We understand that most people who are looking for signage are novices in this area, especially in relation to product availability and the associated quality of these products. This is where The Sign broker’s knowledge and expertise can work for you; by providing advice and ensuring a trouble-free signage experience.


The Sign Broker

Before work commences on your signage, we collaborate thoroughly with the customer to ensure that our product will best meet their needs and budget, from large-scale shop signage to illuminated business park panels, to simple A-frames and sandwich boards.

We’ll also consult our customers with regard to more specific design concerns, including use of existing branding and style guide adherence.

Design services include:

  • Material selection
  • Assessment of green technologies
  • Colour matching across various media
  • Prototyping
  • Site audits
  • Budget planning
  • Timeframes
  • Independent, agnostic, unbiased advice to produce the best possible solution for you

Price Optimisation

Once a design has been finalized, we’ll prepare a brief and offer the task to our network of contractors to undertake the fabrication process, and offer the work to the manufacturer that provides the right balance of production quality and cost-effectiveness.

We’ll work to secure the best possible result for our customers, at the right price.

Price optimisation services include:

  • Tender documentation and specifications
  • Evaluation of suitable contractors
  • Tendering to multiple contractors
The Sign Broker


The Sign Broker

For work with larger signage solutions to proceed, you will likely need an engineer’s design and certification, as it’s often a requirement for approval by the location’s landlord or local council. The Sign Broker can take care of this hassle for you.

We’ll ensure that any project we undertake are structurally sound, and will stand the test of time while portraying your brand positively.

Our engineering services include:

  • Structural design of signage support structures
  • Structural engineers' certification
  • Non-destructive testing of support structures for ageing signage
  • Repair and replacement options

Not in Brisbane?

Your locality is no problem for us! Brisbane is just our base. We like the rest of the economy have a national and global view. We have pre-vetted subcontractors at the ready in all parts of the country who are skilled and eager to carry out this work, with our direction. We will provide the same level of service as we would for customers in our local geographic area.

Council Approvals

Something many amateurs overlook when it comes to erecting new signage for their commercial location is ensuring that the new signage solution meets local council standards and regulations. There’s little point installing new signage for your business if the council will ask you to take it down again.

Once the signage is ready to go, we’ll arrange for the council to pre-approve your signage, saving you a lot of headaches later.

The Sign Broker

Risk Management

The Sign Broker

In many cases with our products the erection of signage involves tradespeople under our employ operating on our client’s place of business. In situations like this, the importance of the safety of our client, their staff and customers cannot be understated.

We develop risk management strategies for all our clients, specially tailored to meet their needs and the maintenance of professional workplace practices, particularly in relation to occupational health, safety and the environment.

Risk management services include:

  • State and council guideline compliance
  • Development approvals
  • OH&S compliance
  • Quality assurance
  • Electrical compliance and certification

Benefits of using The Signbroke

  • We will take care of any government regulations and ease the path through government red-tape.
  • We can decipher industry jargon to ensure that you understand all the elements of your signs and signage requirements.
  • We become an expert on your team, therefore ensuring that your signage requirements meets all your needs.
  • Our job is to ensure that you have the best sign experience from inception to completion.
  • Over 50-years-experience in the sign industry.
  • You get to use our knowledge and experience to your advantage!
  • Specialists in corporate signage.
  • We are your one stop signage shop!


Ideal signage for your business begins and ends with the manufacture of a solid, effective product that will stand the test of time once in place.

Our network of contractors are proven professionals from a variety of trades related to sign manufacture, whose expertise and experience are evident in every product they work on. Using only the highest quality tools and materials, our contractors produce effective, on-brand, enduring signage solutions to leave our customers satisfied.

Manufacture services include:

  • Bulk procurement of standard signage items
  • Warehousing and insurance cover for stock
  • Site measurements
  • Signage manufacture
  • Quality management
The Sign Broker


The Sign Broker

Once your signage is fabricated and ready to put in place, we’ll also handle all the arrangements for transporting sign materials to your place of business, from canvas banners to solid installation pieces.

From transport, labour costs and other logistics concerns, we’ll take on the stress so you don’t have to.

Installation & Completion

Installation is where all the pieces come together; your signage is put in place by labourers arranged by us, adhering to a risk management plan devised by us, leaving you with a signage solution everyone can be happy with.

Once your signage is installed, we’ll remain on hand to address any concerns you might have, or conduct any maintenance or repairs that might be required after installation.

Installation services include:

  • Installation and related labour concerns
  • OH&S site requirements, eg. safe work plans
  • Insurance risk of completed product up to the handover date
The Sign Broker
To find out more about our process, or to discuss a project with us, get in touch with one of our friendly staff today!