Learn About The Latest Trends In Hotel Signage System And Wayfinding

Learn About The Latest Trends In Hotel Signage System And Way finding

Innovation in manufacturing technologies, computer designs, development of new signage materials, and LED illumination has led to the huge transformation in the hotel signage system over recent years. The advanced technology and the latest developments have raised the expectations of the hospitality industry and offer many benefits for signage.

Today, hotels want premium quality signs that have a strong visual impact for promoting the right brand image. It can communicate valuable information effectively. Illuminated LED signs, 3D built-up letters, and branded way finding signs have become the highest demand of the hotel industry.

3D Built-Up Letters For Showing The Service Quality

Quality is paramount in the hotel industry. The success of a hotel business depends upon the quality of food, service, accommodation, and the range of facilities. The first impression counts, the guest gets attracted by the presentation. They would not like to enter the hotel that doesn’t present well.

Hence, the key features your customer expects to see apart from the impeccably neat exterior is a sign that represents quality and hints the exceptional service experience. A shabby-looking, tired sign can’t create that effect – it may drive your customer away, no matter you may be providing top quality service. This is one of the many reasons why small businesses need quality signs.

The contemporary trend is to use 3D letters, also known as built-up letters, to create high-quality, visually appealing signs. These types of signs improve the status of your hotel with an air of prestige and exclusivity. Available in a wide range of finishes, size, and designs, they allow you to create a sign that presents your brand the way you like.

Illuminated Signage - A Beacon And A Warm Welcome

Hotels run 24 hours a day, and your customer can arrive for your service at any time. Your service includes helping them to find you easily and the most effective way to do this, especially at night is to use an illuminated sign that can act as a beacon. Whether you are operating on a busy, city street or hidden away far from the city, a lit-up sign provides simpler and hassle-free guidance to your customers.

LED lightings available in a wide range of colours and designs can create the warmest of welcomes for your guests. They can present your brand in an eye-catching, spectacular style.

You can choose the colour and luminosity to custom design your illuminated signs. It helps a signage company to create the most inviting ambience for your customers. Your customer will feel relaxed arriving at your hotel after a busy meeting, long journey, or a night out.

Branded Way finding Signage

Just as your customers appreciate an external sign that helps them locate the hotel, they also value the signs that assist them in finding their way around once inside the hotel. During their stay, they may need help to find the restaurants,reception, spa facilities, gym, the pool, bars, conference rooms, and even their room.

As a newcomer, it can be a difficult and confusing affair, especially in case of large hotels where different facilities are spread across several floors, or there is a complex layout with many corridors.

To address these issues, hotels are increasingly choosing a way finding signage system. It offers a practical solution to assist customers in getting to their desired location without getting lost or confused on the way. It displays clear directions that are easy to follow. 

To make the system function correctly, it requires thorough planning and a comprehensive understanding of the way a particular hotel function. An experienced signage maker can examine the traffic flow within the hotel space and discover the places where customers need to make navigational decisions, including lobby, staircases, corridor junctions and more.

The signage system should be designed in such a way that it fits in the décor and style of your building.

Final Thought

Hotel signage system has evolved considerably in recent years with an increased emphasis on 24-hour visibility and branding. The hotel authorities demand effective external signs that symbolise the standard of the hotel and its service quality in a glance. They expect their potential customer to think and make an immediate decision, ‘I want to stay there’.

As an expert designer and manufacturer of hospitality signs,The Sign Broker has helped several clients dealing with the hospitality industry to achieve this effect by using 3D built-up lettering illuminated with LED lighting. Internally, our focus is on making it easier for your customers to find their way easily with branded way finding systems.

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