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Illuminated Door Signs In Brisbane

Welcome to The Sign Broker – the trusted name for high-quality illuminated door sign and end-to-end sign broking in Brisbane.

We offer illuminated door signs – LED signs – to help businesses to attract their potential customers 24/7. As a leading sign broker in Brisbane, we take care of everything from design to installation and ensure that businesses get a wholesome experience without the hassles of engineering, council approval, and more.

We are a team of highly experienced commercial sign consultants and brokers who can help you to get the ideal brand identity for your business.

Types Of Illuminated Sign

Illuminated sign  grab attention immediately, specially in evening. We offer a wide range of custom designed illuminated sign options, you can select that fits your business requirements:

  • Light Box Sign
  • Neon Sign
  • Illuminated 3D Letter Sign
  • Backlit Sign
  • Moving Message Board
  • LED Sign
  • Intracut Cladding Sign
  • Indoor Light Box
  • Illuminated Display Wall

Advantage of Choosing Custom Illuminated Signs

LED signages are an excellent choice if you want to give a standout appeal to your business. The signs give you the following range of benefits:

Outstanding Visibility

Regardless of the time of the day, night, and changing seasons, the bright, illuminating signs easily catch the eyes of your prospective customers. When the design of the sign is chosen by the experienced hands of The Sign Broker, your illuminated door signs become synonymous to the business success.

The Brand Perception

In many regards, LED signs are considered as the most vibrant and lively sign option that can give an instant positive outlook about the business on the minds of bypassers. Since LED signs are a recent innovation and addition to the signage industry, people will find your business modern and up-to-date.

Expanded Life

LED signs have an excellent shelf life – a few years – and can attract potential customers to your business without any interruption. At The Sign Broker, we connect with the LED sign makers of highest standards to manufacture your illuminated door signs in Brisbane that can last up to 6 years.

Low Maintenance

LED signs are known for low maintenance and highly reliable performance. You can easily clean them anytime as they don’t get heated up. Also, they are inexpensive and eco-friendly with low energy consumption and an affordable choice for you to get a fresh appeal for your business.

Why Choose Us for Illuminated Signage?

At The Sign Broker, we have more than five decades of experience in the sign industry and know all the ins and outs of the commercial sign process. Moreover, we are second to none when it comes to the commitment to give high-quality service to our customers.

While some businesses get confused with the complex neon sign design and manufacturing process, others find difficulty to invest quality time on collaborating with sign designers, sign manufacturers, authorities, and more for their signages. At The Sign Broker, we put ourselves into the shoes of the businesses and take care of the entire process.

Our seasoned eyes can easily pick the sign design that can capture the eyes of your potential customers and draw them in. We will collaborate with the finest quality manufacturers, complete the manufacturing, and place the signs at the ideal location to attract potential customers.

Our price negotiators will work with various designers, manufacturers, logistics teams, and more and ensure that you get a high-value service from us.

Rather than this, we also offer commercial sign, and  a-frame signs. To know more about us click here or just give us a call on (07) 4243 6037

The Sign Broking Process Of Illuminated Sign Installation

As a comprehensive commercial sign consulting and broking service provider, we take care of every step of your illuminated door signs in Brisbane.


We begin the design broking process with a detailed consultation with you, where we will understand your needs in terms of design, budget, timeframe, and more. We will also make site audits, assess the optimal dimensions of sign for excellent visibility, evaluate your existing branding and style guide adherence, and more.

We will then create the prototype, incorporate your thoughts and suggestions, and finalise the design subject to your approval.

Price Optimisation

After finalising the design, we will connect with our network of LED sign manufacturers to undertake the fabrication process. At The Sign Broker, we choose only the illuminated sign manufacturers who are known for the high-quality production standards.

After getting detailed quotes with specifications and tender documentation, we will filter the manufacturers by considering their expertise, price, and experience. This way, we will ensure you get a high-quality illuminated door sign at the best price.


If you want larger signages, you may need to get an engineer’s and certification for the approval of the local council or the landlord of the building. We will take care of this part for you to ensure you hassle-free service experience.

Apart from getting a structural engineer’s certification, our services also include structural design of the support structures of the sign, non-destructive testing of these structures, and repair and replacement.

Council Approvals

Businesses and amateur sign manufacturers often forget to get council approval before placing the sign at the location. This leads to the council action that often demands the removal of the sign until the business gets the approval.

At The Sign Broker, we will connect with the council and get the approval in advance before placing the sign to give you free of any future hassles.

Risk Management

While giving a new appeal for your business with illuminated signage, we will also ensure that they don’t pose any safety issues and troubles to you, your staff, and the customers. We will develop risk management practices and strategies based on your commercial place and ensure the safety of everyone in your premises.

With OH&S compliance, state and council safety guideline compliance, electrical compliance, and quality assurance, our signage broking service will be an “all-inclusive” experience for you.

Custom Illuminated Sign Manufacturing

At The Sign Broker, apart from choosing reputed LED sign makers, we also have established quality parameters to ensure our customers the finest quality illuminated signs. With the highest quality materials and tools, we will make sure that you get spotless LED signs based on your expectations.

The manufacturing of the illuminated signs also includes the procurement of materials, warehousing, insurance cover for stock, site measurements, and quality management.


After manufacturing the sign at the manufacturer’s facility, we will take care of the complete logistics and bring it to your business location for installation. From transport arrangements to labour costs, we will take ownership of the logistics.

With specialised transport vehicles and precautionary measures, we will ensure the safe movement of the sign to your commercial space.

Illuminated sign Installation & Completion

Our labourers will install the sign in place by following all the guidelines and risk management plans formulated by us. We will also make necessary safety audits to ensure that all the OH&S site requirements and other safety guidelines are followed.

While this completes the process, we will always be available to address any concerns you have, including any maintenance and repair needs, after the installation.

FAQ's about Illuminated Signs Brisbane

Illuminated signs are a great way to create impact both indoors and outdoors. If you want potential customers to notice something important such as a particular sale or the price of a product, having an illuminated sign will gain more attention than a standard one. Illuminated signs are also especially convenient at night, especially for restaurants or stores that have later trading hours.

LED lights run on about 12 volts DC. This is a lot less than neon and therefore, is far more energy efficient. With an LED light illuminated sign, you’ll be able to cut your energy costs in the long term. It’s a cost-effective alternative to stand-alone signage pieces.

We utilise LED lights to internally illuminated our lightboxes. This means they distribute light more evenly as well as being energy efficient and longer lasting.

Traditionally, illuminated signs last around 10-15 years if installed, maintained, and built properly. At The Sign Broker, we’ll ensure your sign is lit up perfectly for years to come, in any environment.

We install various types of lightboxes. Our two most common are the LED direct backlit lightbox where strips of LED lights are lined up vertically or horizontally behind the surface of the box or the LED edge-lit lightbox where the lights are placed along the perimeter of the box. Contact us today to figure out which lightbox would suit your sign better. 

Generally, a lightbox sign costs about $30 or more per square foot. However, because they differ depending on the business, lightbox signs are quoted individually. Talk to us today to find out how much your lightbox sign could potentially cost. 

The price of LED church signs can vary depending on the type of sign you purchase. An LED church sign can cost you from $10,000 upwards. Contact us today to discuss your LED church sign requirements and potential pricing.

Our light boxes are extremely durable as they include internal braces which strengthen the box. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and therefore, guarantee that our lightbox signs will be able to withstand even the toughest of conditions.

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