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Honour Boards In Brisbane

Honour boards may have a reputation of being dark and ancient with names fading, but in reality, it serves the vital function of depicting the aspects of work, endeavour, and life. To achieve this, we, at The Sign Broker, put effort to produce professionally crafted traditional and modern honour boards in Brisbane of all shape and size that display achievements, awards, and hard work about your employees, students or club members.

Being the renowned sign broker company, we ensure to follow proven production process to get final quality honour boards. From the material section, colour matching to budget planning, our skilled team cover all in honour sign creation process. With over 50 years of experience in this industry, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of honour boards that suit your budget and requirements.

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Types Of Honour Boards Brisbane

Honour boards helps commemorate people’s achievements with written their name on it. And our professional team sign-write names either gold lettering, vinyl lettering or with brush work.  You can choose any type of honour boards from mentioned below based on your requirement:

  • Sports Club Honour Boards
  • Armed Services Honour Boards
  • Association Honour Boards
  • Athletics Honour Boards
  • Captains Honour Boards
  • College & university Honour Boards
  • Company & Business Honour Boards
  • Cricket Honour Boards
  • Ecclesiastical Honour Boards
  • Football Honour Boards
  • Golf Honour Boards
  • Local Government Honour Boards
  • Masonic Honour Boards
  • Memorial & Rememberance Boards
  • Perspex & Glass Honour Boards
  • Acrylic Honour Boards

Our Unique Range of Honour Boards For Different Areas In Brisbane

School or College Honour Sign

Today honour boards in school and colleges are not only to display the names of leaders, head boys or head girls. The modern educational system thinks differently and ensures to provide acknowledgment to the students. With us, there are no limitations to size, shape or colour of honour board. You can have your own customise the board with unique framing and font style.

Honour Boards For Athletic Clubs

Motivation is the key to boost sportsperson to achieve more awards. The best way to keep sportsmen and women highly motivated is to display their names and past achievements. At The Sign Broker, we help you designed and installed honour boards for your athletic club or any sports club. It is the most reliable way to acknowledge outstanding performances while reinforcing your club’s identity.

Workplace Honour Boards

If you are a business owner trying to achieve success goals, then it is essential to have high productivity among employees. Studies have proved that appreciation procedure is the key to increase productivity. Installing our professionally crafted acrylic and metal honour boards in your workplace to appreciate the gratitude of employees for their long-term service for your company can be beneficial. Whatever you want to have on your honour sign, i.e., commitment or achievement of staff, we can assist you in providing the best sign crafting services.

Distinct Elements That Makes Our Honour Boards Unique


We make honour boards with a wide range of professional and straightforward designs. First, we understand your business, and then according to your needs and specific demands, we provide the most suitable honour board.


Honour boards represent those people who have achieved great honour awards in their field or industry. Our honour board layout design covers all the needed details as per your specifications. Mainly, the layout comprises a heading, sub-heading, and list of names and dates.

Font style

We use unique types of font style as per your request on honour board. For the professional yet traditional design, we use Times New Roman style for lettering to add a charming appeal. While if you want a modern yet contemporary design, then we prefer Helvetica and Sans Serif style as they are easy to read and provide a less cluttered look. The font style can vary depending upon your choice.


Over the years, we have been using the latest technique to design, install, and maintain your honour boards. With our precise artistry, we also ensure to bring your old honour board back to life. Also, with our unique name lettering services, the display information quickly gets through the public. Our range consist of glass acrylic artistry with innovative and unique designs as per your requirements.


With us, you will get affordable honour board creation to installation services with no hidden costs. The cost of the honour boards may vary depending upon the size, type of material, shape of the board, type of frame or border, colours, etc. Being the trustworthy honour board broker in Brisbane, we provide free quote of our services and consultation.

Steps Involved in Our Customised Honour Board Making Process

We help you determine the best size suitable for honour boards. To know the perfect size, we need from you the names, number of sub-headings, and wall space available.
Vinyl lettering is renowned for creating names on honour boards. We use gold, black, or white vinyl lettering, as per your requirement. It is a cost-effective method compared to the old hand-painted gold leafing technique.
We design all our honour boards in such a way that it can be updated easily in the future, which saves you money on buying a new board. While updating the honour boards, our team make sure that the colour and font remain the same.
We deliver honour boards in Brisbane and nearby areas. Our delivery process is on time and reliable. For long-distance honour board delivery, we use custom-built crates for the protection.
With us, you will get seamless honour board installation service at your assigned place. As signage brokers, we guarantee to handle every step of installing boards efficiently while implementing risk management strategies, causing no damage.

What Makes Us Different From Other Honour Boards in Brisbane Providers?

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We believe in crafting honour boards appealing to different domains. Also, we aim to satisfy your needs by providing quality signage installation services.

Usage of quality materials

Our experienced staff use only architectural-grade materials while creating honour boards. We also offer a wide range of finishes, colours, and mounting options.

Excellent craftsmanship

We have a talented team of craftsmen that carefully fabricate and make every honour board according to your exact needs and specifications.

FAQ's About Digital Honour Board Designs

Usually, a bar is attached to the back of the honour board and the mounting bar is fixed to the wall. The honour board is lifted into place and secured onto the bar that has been attached to the wall.

Our honour boards can be finished in a variety of timbers. For all your design needs, contact us today to discuss how we can source the timber you want and any other design options. We’ll customise your honour board to be finished in whatever colour suits you.

We design all our honour boards in such a way that it can be easily updated in the future. This will save you money on buying a new board entirely. When we update your honour board, we make sure everything remains exactly the same, including colour and font.

We deliver honour boards to Brisbane and nearby areas. However, we also ship interstate. For long-distance honour board delivery, we use custom-built creates for ultimate protection. Our delivery process is on time and reliable, every time.

We are able to customise your honour board to include your school’s crest. We can also include logos or graphics as required. For more information on adding your school’s crest to your honour board, contact us today.

Yes. We can update your honour board to suit your needs. We utilise vinyl lettering when creating our honour boards and this is what we will use to update the names on your honour board. We design our honour boards in a way which makes it easy to be updated in the future.

Call Us For Quality Honour Board Installation Service

If you are looking for excellent honour board designs, budget-friendly prices, and exceptional installation services, then The Sign Broker is your ultimate destination. We assist you with all your signage needs from design to installation. Our fundamental purpose is to help you organise your requirements, so give you the best advice on signages with in-depth industry knowledge. For installing quality honour boards in Brisbane or to know more about our other commercial sign services, contact us at 07 4243 6037.